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There’s a space in Malta where you can get a taste of the world — and that space is The Piazza at Campus Hub. 

Situated in Msida, right outside The University of Malta and Mater Dei Hospital, Campus Hub houses various food and drink outlets, spanning from burgers to pizza to healthy smoothies and much more. 

In short, “The Piazza” is not just a physical space; it’s a vibrant atmosphere where people from around Malta can indulge their taste buds with global flavours. 

Not to mention that Campus Hub’s central location in Malta ensures convenience for all, with ample parking and excellent bus connectivity. 

So let’s dive into the mouthwatering adventure awaiting you at The Piazza at Campus Hub.

Fair warning: don’t blame us if your stomach starts growling by the end of this delicious tour!

Exploring The Piazza

Malta boasts several beautiful piazzas, but The Piazza is the most unique. 

With its vast array of facilities, it’s the place to be not just for students and medical professionals but also for people from all around the island looking to spend a morning or afternoon with their loved ones

And, especially if you’re a foodie, we’ve got you covered for an unforgettable one-stop culinary journey experience with The Piazza’s diverse range of restaurants and cafes. Plus, the layout of the piazza fosters this sense of community and connection, serving as a vibrant meeting point for students, staff, and visitors.

Now that we’ve stepped into The Piazza and its lively and inviting atmosphere, it’s time to answer one crucial question… 

Which food outlets can you find at The Piazza? 

One thing is for sure when you visit The Piazza – you’ll be spoilt for choice with an abundance of options when selecting a food outlet to sample.


The international coffee chain Starbucks needs no introduction. With its iconic green logo and extensive world-known selection of drinks — it’s the perfect place to set up work meetings, study dates or cosy up with your friends or family while catching up on a good cup of coffee. 

Burger King

Burger King, the perfect spot for grabbing a quick bite or enjoying a meal with your loved ones. It’s a crowd-pleaser, offering something for everyone, especially kids, with its awesome kids’ meals and toys.

Pizza Hut 

Another international chain, Pizza Hut, is the go-to spot for pizza lovers everywhere, famously known as the home for garlic bread, pan baked and cheesy crust pizzas!

The Cake Box

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, then you must visit The Cake Box.

Offering favourites like their Oreo Square, Rainbow Cake, and Red Velvet — you won’t be disappointed. 

Cafe Cuba

You’ll want to check out Cafe Cuba! Dine for the full Cuban experience. A local favourite spot with incredible food, a relaxing atmosphere, and speedy and effective service. No need to convince you!


Craving Sushi? Look no further than Amami, the place to enjoy the best Japanese-influenced creations on the island. 

Ottoman by Posh Turkish 

Offering authentic Turkish food with a Mediterranean twist, Ottoman by Posh Turkish serves the signature kebabs and the popular homemade pita bread, pides together with a choice of fish, premium halal meat cuts, mezzes, stews and delicious desserts. 


Boost Juice, an Aussie brand, serves healthy and fresh alternatives such as smoothies and juices, ideal for a quick pick me up during a day at uni or while going from one errand to the other. 

Welbee’s Express 

There’s nothing like the convenience Welbee’s Express can offer in such a central location. With its budget-friendly prices and wide array of products, this supermarket is your go-to destination for impromptu ingredient runs and routine grocery shopping.

The Piazza at Campus Hub: A perfect gathering spot for families and friends

Located centrally and near Mater Dei and The University of Malta, The Piazza at Campus Hub offers convenience that is hard to match, catering to family gatherings and casual meetups with friends looking to sample some of the world’s best cuisines. 

There’s an added advantage too — easy parking with a dedicated car park, discounts based on purchase amounts from different outlets, and free parking available on weekends and public holidays. 

Campus Hub has more to offer than just various food options. Our lively community also boasts outstanding student housing facilities.

With a wide selection of room options, we provide a convenient and hassle-free living experience for long-term and short-term guests.

To learn more about the incredible offerings at Campus Hub, feel free to reach out to us directly through our contact form, send an email to, or give us a call at +356 23167700.