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Looking for a central location in Malta where to run all your errands? Then Campus Hub is the place for you. 

Conveniently located in Msida, Campus Hub is equipped with all the facilities you need daily. 

And getting to the hub is really easy. There’s ample parking on-site and a stone’s throw from the University of Malta and Mater Dei Hospital. So whichever your needs are, you’ll meet them at Campus Hub. 

5 convenient services offered at Campus Hub 

Regardless of what your family looks like, one thing’s for sure. Different family members have differing needs. 

Individual routines, lifestyles, preferences and requirements often mean running errands for an entire family can be a headache at best. 

This is what makes Campus Hub unique.

We’ve designed the complex to cover most family needs—essential activities or recreational and leisure ones. 

You can shop, eat, and run errands in one location, all within walking distance from one another. Not only can you spend quality time with your friends or family, but you’ll also do so with ease. 

We’ve compiled some of the facilities available at Campus Hub, making it the one-stop place of choice for families in Malta: 


Rain or shine, your car needs a good wash. This is why you’ll find a top car cleaning service at Campus Hub, Briiz. Whether you’re looking for a basic car wash or to pamper your car with all the love it deserves, Briiz offers a vast range of services. 

You can book your appointment online, at your convenience, Monday to Sunday all year round. 


Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, treating yourself after a long day, or just catching up with a friend over lunch—at Campus Hub, you’ll find something that will make your taste buds water! 

The following are just some of the food outlets on site:

  • The Cake Box
  • Starbucks 
  • Amami 
  • Burger King
  • Pizza Hut
  • Cafe Cuba
  • Boost 
  • Ottoman by Posh Turkish 


Emergencies or not, having a pharmacy at hand is always a good idea. This is why we’ve included one among the facilities we offer at Campus Hub. 

In fact, you’ll shortly find a Remedies outlet on site. Here you can buy any medical supplies you need, cosmetics and much more! 

Dry cleaning 

It’s safe to say that every family needs a dry cleaning service they can trust with their formal wear, linens, and household items. Portughes is a household name in Malta, having offered laundry and dry cleaning services for years! 

Simply book your desired service through their website, drop off your garment at our central location, and pick up one ready (or ask for home delivery)!


Making your supermarket run can be a real chore. However, whether you’re picking up some last-minute groceries or doing your weekly shopping at Campus Hub, this can become an easy and worry-free experience. 

Among the facilities offered at our location, a Welbees Express outlet will cover all your needs while providing a great experience with high-quality items at a great value. The supermarket is open Monday to Sunday, from 7:00am to 10:00pm. 

So forget having to rush after work or uni to get your shopping done. You can conveniently drive and park easily to Campus Hub, or even walk, get your shopping done and go back home and relax! 

More about Campus Hub 

Campus Hub is all about convenience and bringing people together. Apart from the facilities mentioned above, you’ll find a range of retail shops, such as Intercomp for all your tech needs, Ċikka for some unique jewellery, and Hudson to make sure you’re always dressed in style!

There’s also a fully-equipped fitness centre on-site, where you can blow off steam after a long day at university or work. 

Speaking of work and university, if you’re looking to browse through stationery, make photocopies, or buy any essentials for assignments and exams, you’ll be happy to know there’s a Papier outlet on site. 

However, the Campus Hub lifestyle goes beyond the retail and service outlets on site. The Campus Hub community extends to our student accommodation facilities too. With various room options, our dorms make life easier and more convenient for our long- and short-term guests alike! 

For more information about Campus Hub, contact us directly via our contact form, email us at, or call us on +356 23167700.